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Vicky Mohammad

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I see that you are checking at my website! To navigate through the page, click at the navigation bar at the top or scroll down. If you want to get or check out the PDF version of the resume click the (Get Resume) button above. And if you would like to see my repository of my past works, click the GitHub logo below.

Personal Background

Hi there! My name is Vicky Mohammad, I am a student at the University of Guelph pursuing bachelor of computing in computer science major. As you know, I am still a student with a limited understanding of programming. My end goal is to learn and experience as much as possible!

Energetic, self-motivated, and resourceful with a substantial ability to perform efficiently.

Ability to work independently with strong problem-solving skills.

Collaborate and articulate excellently in a team environment.

Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

Candidate for Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Guelph - Anticipated graduation in the year 2019

  • Effectively communicate and share ideas with the client.
  • Update and design a modern responsive website..
  • Bug fixing old code and incorporate their CMS with the new website.
  • Worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, and PHP.

  • Solving NP-complete problem of finding Hamiltonian cycle in mid-way vertices of an odd Nth Hypercube using reflected binary code.
  • Creating an algorithm of polynomial time complexity using grey code pattern instead of exhaustive search.

  • Create a desktop app that tracks records of company’s client data.
  • Learned and worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Electron JS.
  • As well as generating invoice record, purchase agreement, and shipping slip and other sale information.
  • Greatly increase the company’s productivity by building a generator for invoice record, purchase agreements, shipping slip and other sale’s information through the application.

Royal Pioneer, freelance - Logo Design

October 2017 - December 2017

  • Effectively communicate with the client and share ideas.
  • Designed variety of draft logos to be able to determine the desired logo for the company through AutoDesk SketchBook.
  • Create the design logos from the draft with Adobe Illustrator to be able to visualize the ideal logo with the client.

  • Develop plans and flowchart for algorithm, workflow, or process to determine flaws and improvements.
  • Integrate Google Firebase to be able to manage a real-time database and cloud system.
  • Incorporate Facebook SDK and APIs such as login authorization for user statistics.
  • Worked with Swift, Javascript, HTML, and CSS

  • Design modern intuitive UI/UX scheme using Sketch.
  • Create assets for interface implementation as well as logo designs and image editing through photoshop.
  • Communicate and assist with developers in HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

Knowledge & Skills

Languages/Frameworks: C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Dart, Python, Java, Swift

Development Environment: MacOS, Windows, Linux.

Tools: Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, IntelliJ, XCode, Photoshop, Sketch.


Guelph, On N1G2W6



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